How to make coffee when camping

How To Make Coffee When Camping With A Campfire

Camping trips are great and waking up early in the morning to catch the sunrise is something very special. For some of us though waking up early enough to see the sunrise is a little more difficult, so coffee to the rescue. My wife and I and are avid coffee drinkers and the thought of not having a coffee in the morning isn’t even worth thinking about. Something we especially enjoy is going on a cold winter camping trip and sitting in our tent watching it snow, there is something special about being in the wilderness when it’s snowing.

As many of you know I have been camping for years, that means I have tried every type of coffee there is when it comes to camping. Instant coffee to a travel french press and even the cowboy method has been tried previously. The cowboy method is certainly not for me!

Below I have listed the 8 different ways that you can make coffee for you and your camping mates. You will quickly become the camping coffee expert amongst your friends, like me!

A little tip is to give the coffee bags option a try. Oh, and at least try the cowboy method at home to see if it’s something you can cope with, I couldn’t! 🙂

8 Easy Ways to Make Coffee When Camping

Make Instant Coffee

You’ll Need: Water, A Kettle, Instant Coffee
Time: 30 Seconds

While instant coffee may have a bad reputation, it’s actually one of the best options if you’re camping. Instant granules, crystals or powder are made from brewed coffee beans. Since instant coffee is lightweight to carry, it’s ideal for backpackers or anyone who wants to keep their baggage to a minimum. It’s also super simple to prepare. All you do is put a spoonful of granules into your cup, add boiling water then wait a few seconds before stirring and drinking. Shop around to find a specialty instant coffee with a delicious taste.

Keeping coffee warm while camping

The Cowboy Method

You’ll Need: Water, A Kettle, Coffee Grounds
Time: 4 Minutes

If you’re packing light, this method is ideal for you, and it’s also an easy way of brewing coffee if you have limited resources. You’ll only need a vessel such as a kettle or pot that you can put over your camping stove or campfire. First, you boil some water then allow it to cool for about a minute. Next, simply add coffee grounds to the vessel and stir. You will hear the sound of sizzling once the grounds have made contact with the water. You might even spot a little foam. Leave it to sit for just a few minutes before stirring again. Allow it to rest another minute. When the grounds have settled to the kettle bottom, it’s time to pour your coffee into your cup and drink it slowly.

French Press Coffee

You’ll Need: Water, Coffee Grounds, A Kettle, A French Press Coffee Maker
Time: 4 Minutes

You can buy all kinds of French press coffee makers, including those which are made from highly durable materials. When it comes to camping, you should choose a stainless steel or double-walled plastic model. Simply add a cup of boiling water for every scoop of ground coffee you use. Allow the water to cool down for 30 seconds, then pour half of your water into your French press and wait for the grounds to bloom. After 60 seconds, add the rest of the water and leave it for two minutes to steep (or 3 minutes should you prefer your coffee to be stronger). Press down the plunger gently, pour the coffee into a mug, and enjoy.

Using A Percolator

You’ll Need: Water, Coffee Grounds, A Coffee Percolator
Time: 6 Minutes

It couldn’t be easier to use a coffee percolator. They function by continuously cycling water through coffee grounds until you’ve achieved the ideal strength for you. Just add water to the bottom chamber then add 1 teaspoon of coffee grounds to the top chamber. Put the percolator over a source of heat and warm it, leaving the coffee to percolate until it reaches your preferred strength. Drink once the brewing process is complete.

Campfire Coffee

Coffee Bags

You’ll Need: Water, A Kettle, A Coffee Bag
Time: 4 Minutes

When you need an urgent caffeine fix, coffee bags could be the solution for you. Quick and convenient, you can simply buy pre-made coffee bags instore or you could make one yourself with a basket coffee filter, some butchers’ twine, and coffee grounds. Simply put the bag into some boiling water, leave it to steep then remove the bag before drinking. This space-saving coffee making method is also a breeze to tidy up afterward.

Pour-Over Coffee

You’ll Need: Coffee Grounds, Water, A kettle, A Dripper, A Filter Cone
Time: 6 Minutes

One further portable coffee making option is to use a pour-over. Pop open a filter cone, putting its bottom ring onto your mug’s top. Put the filter into the cone then add the coffee grounds. Boil some water in the kettle and leave it to cool down for a couple of minutes. Add some water to the filter, so your coffee grounds are saturated. Allow it to bloom for one minute then pour the rest of the water in. Remover the filter cone and drink.

Using an AeroPress

You’ll Need: Coffee Grounds, A Kettle, Water, An AeroPress
Time: 3 Minutes

If you’ve never heard of an AeroPress, it’s a blend of a French press, and a pour-over that lets you make classic American coffee or espresso shots. Just add a couple of coffee scoops to the bigger AeroPress container tube. Add water to the grounds to soak them and leave them to bloom for 30 seconds before adding more hot water to fill the chamber. Use the paddle to stir the grounds then put the plunger in its chamber and press down slowly. Add more water if you wish.

AeroPress Coffee

Use An Espresso Maker

You’ll Need: Coffee Grounds, Water, A Metal Filter, A Manual Espresso Maker
Time: 1 Minute

While an electric espresso maker is no good when you’re camping, a manual version is perfect for taking anywhere. Pour boiling water into your espresso maker and leave it for half a minute before adding the ground coffee. You don’t need to tamp down the coffee – the lid does this for you. Allow the coffee grounds to settle, then begin pumping. As soon as a brown, rich layer forms on top, pour it into a mug.

Making Your Coffee While You Camp

As you can see, there are quite a few different options when it comes to making fresh coffee when you’re staying in a tent. While you could buy specialist equipment such as a hand espresso maker or a French press, you can save space and money by just buying instant coffee or by using the cowboy method. Depending on how you like your coffee, however, you may want to invest a little more to make sure you get the perfect cup to wake you up in the morning!