Best Tents You Can Stand Up In

I know many people who used to refuse to go on a camping trip because of having to spend a night in a cramped tent. Being able to stand up in your tent might sound like a dream, but it is possible and also affordable! Many camping enthusiasts will opt for a small lightweight options but even I like to have the space to stand in my tent.

Having the space to stand up, change clothes, get washed, and simply get out of the rain without being forced to sit or lay down is the key to a great camping trip. Many of us have had one of those trips where we have a sore neck or back and have wished we had brought a bigger tent to make things comfy – I know I sure have at least!

In this article, I will explore and recommend the best tall tents you can stand up in. I have used all of these at some point, whether that be simply to review the tent or, I own them outright and use them regularly.

Best Camping Tents You Can Stand Up In

  1. Coleman Dark Room Skydome
  2. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent
  3. Coleman Elite Sundome
  4. Bushnell Shield Series
  5. Wenzel Klondike

Coleman Dark Room Skydome

Coleman Skydome Camping Tent with Dark Room Technology, 8 Person
  • QUICK PITCH: Sets up in under 5 minutes thanks to pre-attached poles.Number of doors : 1 and Tent # of Windows : 1.Special feature: ‎Portable, Waterproof, Lightweight
  • DARK ROOM TECHNOLOGY: Blocks 90% of sunlight so you can sleep in past sunrise; reduces heat (vs. a comparable Coleman tent) for a more comfortable rest anytime of day
  • MORE HEADROOM: 20% more headroom than traditional Coleman dome tents thanks to nearly vertical walls

Note: You will need to buy the 6 person or 8 person models to ensure enough headroom for standing up. The 4 person tent on has 4 ft. 8 in. headroom. 

This tent is one of the best summer camping tents, more so if you want a larger capacity and the ability to stand up.  Like it says in the name the main selling point of the Coleman Dark Room Skydome is the ability to have a darker interior and keep the sunlight out. This does a great job at both keeping the sunlight out and because of the reflective nature of the materials, the temperature is a little cooler than a standard tent.

The Coleman Dark room is my tent of choice when it comes to a relaxed camping trip these days. My favorite features are the dark room and of course the headroom. You will be surprised how much light the tent will keep out even on those bright sunny mornings. My dog, Woody the Westie, absolutely loves the Coleman Dark Room Skydome because it means he can sleep with both darkness and there is enough room for us to get changed and ready for the day without having to climb over him!

Set up is super easy and will take camping enthusiasts just a couple of minutes. If you are new to setting up tents I recommend doing a dry run in your backyard simply so you don’t get overwhelmed while out in the wilderness. Even then you will be set up within 15 minutes as a newcomer to camping.

Something to note: You will have 6ft of headroom with the 6 person and 6ft 4in. with the 8 person. I personally use the 6 person one, even when it’s just 2 adults on a trip. I will never say no to extra space for sleeping comfy!

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE Instant Cabin Tent | Multi Room Tent for Family with Storage Pockets for Camping Accessories | Portable Large Pop Up Tent for 2 Minute Camp Setup | Sleeps 9 People, 14' x 9'
  • INSTANT SETUP: The tent body with pre-attached poles that lock into place creates a setup time as short as 2 minutes.
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: H20 Block Technology combines water-repellent fabrics with a fully taped rainfly and sealed seams to resist rain.
  • ADJUSTABLE VENTILATION: Lower air intake vents draw in cool air from the ground while the mesh ceiling allows hot air to escape.

Note: You will need to buy the 6 person or 9 person models to ensure enough headroom for standing up. 

With most families now looking to go on outdoor camping trips the CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin tent has become a best seller on Amazon. At the time of writing it is actually THE top-selling camping tent!

If you are looking for a cabin tent then the CORE Instant Cabin Tents are a great choice and likely the best available when thinking about value for money. The 9 person model has a 75 inch maximum height while the 6 person one has a 72 inch height. Both are suitable to stand up in.

In order to ensure you buy one that you can stand up in you will need to go for the 6 or 9 person options. Both sizes can be set up within 60 seconds and are very easy to get back in the bag after your camping trip.

The bag the tent comes in is more than large enough to make packing up after your trip a breeze. The trip I used this tent on was cut short due to some truly terrible weather and flood alerts, and I was able to pack everything back up and into the car within 10 mins.

Something to note is this is certainly not an all-season tent. Although the Core 9 Person has what looks like an adequate rainfly, it is only good enough for summer and dry conditions. In my experience, even moderate wind can cause rainwater to leak in. An easy fix would be to use a tarp to ensure better rain protection if you really wanted to camp in the rain.

Coleman Elite Sundome

Coleman Elite Sundome Camping Tent with LED Lights, Weatherproof 6-Person Tent with Included Rainfly & Frame that can Withstand 35 MPH Winds, Built-In LED Lighting System with 3 Brightness Settings
  • Dome tent fits 6 camp pads or 2 queen-size air mattresses
  • Built-in LED lighting system with 3 brightness settings delivers up to 100 lumens
  • Easy setup in only 10 minutes with snag-free continuous pole sleeves

Bushnell Shield Series

Bushnell Instant Tent | 6 Person / 9 Person / 12 Person Instant Tents Cabin Design Perfect for 3 Season Family Camping Essentials, Hunting, and Fishing with Fast Setup (6 Person)
  • Instant 60-Second Setup Design: Poles come pre-attached to the tent for quick assembly - unfold and extend leg poles until they click into position and set up your tent in less than a minute.
  • Air Conditioning Ground Vent: The side wall of the tent includes a convenient 12.5" x 17" mesh AC vent with 17" cover that allows for A/C unit installation! (A/C not included)
  • Heat Shield Technology: Features a special reflective coating on the underside of the rainfly which blocks the sun's UV rays keeping the tent darker and noticeably cooler.

Wenzel Klondike

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent, Blue
  • Convertible screen room with inverted "T" style door and inside flap zippered windows
  • Removable seam-sealed fly
  • Mesh roof vents