How to make coffee when camping

How To Make Coffee When Camping With A Campfire

Camping trips are great and waking up early in the morning to catch the sunrise is something very special. For some of us though waking up early enough to see the sunrise is a little more difficult, so...

how to waterproof a tent

How To Waterproof A Tent For A Comfortable & Dry Camping Trip

If you’ve ever been camping, you’ll probably be all too familiar with unexpected rainfall which has ended up with you waking up to a sleeping bag soaked through with water. There’s nothing more...

How to stop tent condensation

How To Stop Condensation In A Tent

Everyone, at some point, when backpacking or camping, experiences tent condensation or dew. It’s one of those things that goes hand in hand with camping out in the wilderness. Although it’s nothing...

What is a tent footprint

What is a Tent Footprint and Do You Need One?

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to spend a couple of hundred or a couple of thousand on a tent, investing in a well-made tent footprint may be one of the best decisions you ever make. Although they...

How far can bears smell?

How Far Can A Bear Smell?

The one fear every camper and hiker has when trekking through the forest is stumbling across dangerous wildlife. Many of us have seen wolves, mountain lions and various other animals. The one I think we...

What is Primitive Camping?

What is Primitive Camping?

Technology is around us all of the time. You are sitting reading this article more than likely on a mobile, or a laptop. Society these days mean we are all on social media, sending messages to friends and...

Keep food cold when camping

How To Keep Food Cold When Camping

A camping trip is arguably the most incredible experience you can get in your lifetime. However, many things can go wrong in your camping expedition if you don’t plan properly and in advance. One of the...


How To Keep Beer Cold When Camping?

Camping during the summer months means you get to experiences everything that is great about the wilderness while it’s warm. You can sit back, relax and open a nice cold beer and just admire the...

What is in your dog camping gear checklist?

12 Dog Camping Gear Items You Will Need This Summer

During the summer months, I tend to go on camping trips every second weekend, if not every weekend. That usually means I have all the camping gear I need packed and ready to go. I also have a separate bag...


How To Keep A Dog Warm While Camping

Camping, backpacking, and hiking with dogs is so incredibly enjoyable. Your dog will be in their element exploring the wilderness with you. The fun and enjoyment can be ruined if you don’t plan...